Dr. Seeds, an “underground” unhinged non-licensed psychiatrist, doles  out unsolicited medical  advice to her patients on the subways of NYC while battling her own very dark past.


Project - TV Pilot

Director - Michelle Cutolo

Writer/Creator - Sarah Seeds

Producers - Lindsay Elizabeth Hand & David Russo

Production Company - Edge In Motion



Director's Statement:

Riding the D with Dr. Seeds  was a pleasure to  direct, and  it's not  often I  get to  help create  an underground  world with larger  than life characters, Bob Dole watches, and a D Train set made out of trash.  Dr. Seeds is an  unhinged and lovable character that I think everyone can relate to, and  her story was the  primary catalyst for my involvement.  She truly wants to help her "patients", and watching Dr. Seeds on her bizarre  journey is  both entertaining and inspiring.  I loved directing this TV pilot, and I hope you too enjoy the ride.