Lilly and Anne is a modern day Lavern and Shirley. Two BEST friends living together and figuring out how to fit everyone in.  


Project - TV Pilot (post-production)

Director - Michelle Cutolo

Writers/Creators - Arabella Oz and Ashley Cole

Producers - Sami Horneff, Matthew Chao, Alexandra Nader

Production Company - Accidental Pictures


Director's Statement:

It was a refreshing experience shooting Lilly & Anne.  I was  drawn to both Lilly and Anne's  deep connection  and  love for one another.  I found  it to  be an interesting take on the  modern day millennial.  These ladies  are living in Manhattan and loving the  turbulent  life without  stopping to  think what their next  Instagram post  should  be. Definitely  two old  souls that live for the small moments.  I loved creating a new perspective on the average 20-something.