An Indian-American writer secretly moonlights as an escort and finds his inspiration on the late night streets of New York


Project - Mini-Series (post-production)

Director - Michelle Cutolo

Writer/Creator - Vishaal Reddy

Producers - T Zhang, Neal Ludevig, and David Tao

Production Company - Shut Up & Listen Productions


Director's Statement:

"How Interesting" I thought, a sexy bi-sexual Indian-American male escort in NYC who suffers from insomnia and depression.  Drawn to the script's dark and witty humor, I was ultimately hooked when hearing the incidents that inspired Vishaal's story.  Hilariously brilliant Insomnia introduces us to the complex world of Nikhil.  A whimsical yet inspiring story of a man supporting his family in a strange land while actively fighting his afflictions.  Faced with the fixed and oversimplified image of an Indian-American male, we can all relate to the feeling of being stereotyped and need to be loved.  It's an honor to help Vishaal carry out his vision and put an end to the fallacy that all Indian-Americans go to Ivy-League schools to become doctors and own a Bodega.  With humor as our vehicle to heal, we create a visceral world of love, openness, and an ability to "feel".