A reclusive nerd discovers self-confidence by starting a successful escort service with her three best friends.


Project - TV Pilot

Director - Michelle Cutolo

Writer/Creator - Misha Calvert

Production Company - Trigger Creative


Director's Statment: 

Strut explores  women who love  what  they do and  are empowered by  their bodies. Unlike the dark, morose  takes on the sex industry  that  we've  seen  a lot  of  in  film and  television,  my  team  and  I sought  to look at  things  from a more  light hearted perspective,  giving  voice to  the women who  enjoyed their  time in a "taboo" occupation.  As a comedy, our show dismantles  the shame  and  ostracization that  comes  with  the  territory  of  being  a sexually explorative  woman.  This  is a show about breaking apart patriarchy and giving women a new image.

During the filming process, I had the opportunity to work with four strong, independent characters and the talented actresses that  played them.  One of my favorite moments on set  was watching Eddie's  character evolve and grow. I believe that  her evolution  will inspire audience  members  to  feel secure about themselves  and  not  give  in  to normative ideas  of beauty. The cherry  on  top  was witnessing  Eddie's dynamic  reaction  to someone calling her  "gorgeous"  and   actually  believing it.  I hope that her reaction will  be mirrored in all our female audience members.