Suspecting  the  mail lady  is delivering love letters to his mother, a  tenacious young  boy seeks help  from an  unhinged neighbor in an attempt to ease tensions at home.


Project - Short Film

Director - Michelle Cutolo

Writer(s) - T Zhang & Michelle Cutolo

Production Company - Jabamag Productions


Director’s statement: 

The  Mail Lady is a dark comedic tale laid out from a child’s perspective. From my experience, children sometimes make their parent’s  problems  their own. In the absence of parents,  children  can be destructive,  and  often  self-destruct.  To illustrate  the satirical elements  in our world, I play with the disparity of a flawed household in a “perfect” suburbia.  

One  of  the  things  I find  most  interesting about  The  Mail Lady,  is  young Billy’s genuine  attempt  to  help  his  family. Unlike others, Billy  doesn’t  seek attention, but  confronts  what  he  sees  as  the cause of  the problem.  A very   mature thing  to do  for  a  little  man, but dangerous  when still  learning about consequence.  At  the  conclusion  of  the film,  I thought  it was necessary  to make the  stakes  high, because  when  a child loses  their innocence,   it’s  gone  forever. I also  just want everyone to have a good laugh!


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